Friday Files, 8 February 2019

, posted by K.W. Leslie

It’s the St. Juventius’s Day edition of the Friday Files, where we dig up previous SEA articles and links, and give you a little something to read over the weekend. They don’t always reflect the views of SEA; sometimes Calvinists wrote ’em. But we expect you’ll find them informative.

SEA members’ names are in blue. Posts from the first week of February…

Last year! (2018)

D.V. Wayman informs us of the Nazarenes’ 2017-21 manual in “Church of the Nazarene: A New Manual Reflects New Changes.” Not new doctrines, but stuff gets updated, y’know.

Landon DeCrastos shares a lesson from Joshua in “Consecrate Yourselves”—before marching into Canaan, the Hebrews had to get straight with God.

The Remonstrance podcast presents episode 31 and episode 32, “Christian Perfection”: What did John Wesley teach on the topic? What’s the difference between perfection and sanctification? How perfect can a Christian get in our sinful world? How do we pursue perfection?

Five years ago! (2014)

Kevin Jackson asks, “How Can a Dead Person Believe Unless God Makes Him Alive?” Well it depends on how we define “spiritually dead”—how dead is that? And what must God do?

• Roger E. Olson, “Why I Don’t Respond to Every Critic or Debate Every Calvinist.” It’s not just because Dr. Olson has a day job. Frankly, some debaters aren’t trustworthy.

• Roger E. Olson, “Does God Foreordain and Render Certain Sins? (And Why Some Questions Annoy Me).” Condescending questions are irritating, and not only does Olson not wanna answer them again; he wishes they’d recognize determinism’s primary flaw is that it turns God into the author of evil.

• Roger E. Olson, Young. Restless. No Longer Reformed. (A Really Good New Book.)” A plug for Austin Fischer’s book about his journey out of Calvinism.

Evan Minton, “Do Arminians Believe In A Works Based Doctrine?” Of course not; we believe in grace. But it’s resistible, and the work of resisting God sometimes gets confounded with the idea accepting him might also be a work.

Ten years ago! (2009)

Kevin Jackson, “According to Scripture, Jesus Died for….” A list of proof texts demonstrating Jesus died for everyone.

TrueHope, “Atonement for All.” Since Jesus died for everyone, everyone can be saved… but the onus is on them to believe.

• Daniel Nebauer, “Consistent Calvinism FAQ (Satire).” Got concerns about living a Christian life consistent with your Calvinist beliefs? Relax; it doesn’t matter either way, ’cause predestination.

Kevin Jackson, “Foreknowledge Defined.” Simply put, God exhaustively knows the future.

• Adam Clarke, “Commentary on Romans 9.” God’s choice between Jacob and Esau was primarily national, not individual. Not that national salvation means individual salvation; we still gotta follow God on our own.

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