Friday Files, 21 December 2018

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It’s the St. Samuel L. Jackson Day edition… no, just kidding; although he did play God in The Bible Experience audio bible. But only in the New Testament, which is a shame, ’cause it would’ve been fun to listen to Jackson rage at the Hebrews. You know he’d have won a Grammy for it.

Um… okay, so it’s the St. Thomas’s Day edition of the Friday Files, our weekly dip of our toes into SEA’s archive. The views expressed (including the previous ones about Mr. Jackson) are those of their authors, and may not always reflect those of SEA, but often do. Our members’ names are highlighted in blue.

“A Thanksgiving prayer.”
From the Book of Common Prayer, posted 27 November 2014. Presented on the United States’ Thanksgiving Day, but suitable for any nation’s Thanksgiving Day. Or if you personally want to thank God.
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“Follow up to my post about the false gospel of ‘Christian’ moralism.”
Roger E. Olson, 30 September 2014. Good works are a fruit of the Spirit, but self-propelled good works neither save nor grow us closer to God. The Spirit is the only one who can change our inner being, and we must let him do so.
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“When I say ‘Calvinism’…”
Roger E. Olson, 24 November 2014. Self-proclaimed “Calvinists” frequently accuse Olson of misrepresenting them. But Olsen is simply reiterating what Calvin and leading Calvinists have taught on record.
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“Two takes on the sovereignty of God: Divine puppeteer or sovereign stage director?”
J.D. Walt, 26 July 2014. In the scriptures, God isn’t pulling the strings but directing the actors.
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“The faith of a servant or son?”
Eric Geiger, 1 December 2014. Contrast John Wesley’s religious practice before he trusted Christ alone for salvation, and after.
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“Limited atonement and the divine command to believe falsehood.”
J.C. Thibodaux, 15 November 2014. If limited atonement is true, God’s command for all to believe (including the non-elect) requires people to think Christ might save them when he won’t really, or even that he does save them when he doesn’t really.
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“Degrees of union with God’s will.”
Thomas Cogswell Upham, posted 29 November 2014. Three different ways we Christians can voluntarily do God’s will: By submission, by choice, and by a developed and established habit.
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“Do Arminians hate the sovereignty of God?”
Solus Arminius, 5 December 2014. Because we Arminians disdain the Calvinist definition of God’s sovereignty, they presume we disdain sovereignty altogether. Nope; we have a very high view of sovereignty. So high, we reject any definition which makes God, whether people admit it or not, the author of evil.
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“A 20th century classic: The Master Plan of Evangelism.”
Justin Taylor, 6 December 2014. A Calvinist’s positive review of Dr. Robert E. Coleman’s book on Christ Jesus’s evangelism methodology. (Because you realize Calvinists are our sisters and brothers in Christ, and they want to see the lost found too.)
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“The gospel’s freedom—Colossians 1:13-14.”
Craig L. Adams, 1 December 2014. When Jesus becomes our Lord instead of sin and darkness, we haven’t switched tyrants. God’s grace sets us free indeed.
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