Friday Files, 7 December 2018

, posted by K.W. Leslie

It’s the St. Ambrose’s Day edition of the Friday Files, our look back at SEA’s great big trove of Arminian-related articles. The views expressed therein are those of their authors, but not always SEA. Our members’ names are highlighted in blue.

Jerry Walls on sovereignty and predestination:

“The sovereignty of God.” 29 September 2014. The idea God is Lord of the universe isn’t a distinctively Calvinist doctrine: It’s a Christian one, and biblical. But Calvinists take it too far by incorporating determinism.
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“Divine predestination and human freedom.” 8 October 2014. The Wesleyan view of predestination: God offers salvation to all, and empowers salvation, but we have the free will to embrace or reject it. As opposed to the Calvinist idea, where the elect, though saved, have no say in the matter, and “freedom” is redefined till it’s really just programming.
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“God’s love and predestination.” 13 October 2014. Take the universalist belief—that God loves everyone and will determine them saved—and notice why Wesleyans and Calvinists both reject the idea. For Wesleyans the problem is determinism… and for Calvinists the problem is love.
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From Roger E. Olson’s blog:

“Who’s a ‘real Evangelical’?” 7 September 2014. First of all, what’s an Evangelical? Because Olson was accused of not being one… and his critic has likely mixed it up with Fundamentalism.
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“What is the duty of a Christian care-giver (such as a chaplain)?” 12 September 2014. Chaplains say their job is to comfort those who suffer. Not necessarily present Christian theology. (Which is much harder to do when you believe “God designed, ordained, and is governing your suffering for his glory.”)
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“A question to Calvinists.” 18 September 2014. A Calvinist reader objected to the idea God “designed, ordained, and governed” suffering, so Olson wants to know: Any other Calvinists think that’s not what they believe?
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“John Wesley’s order of salvation.”
Charles Gutenson, 26 February 2013. An outline of the work of God, which begins with prevenient grace and ends with glorifying grace.
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“How do we come to love God?”
Thomas Cogswell Upham, 1851. Our benevolent God loves to dispense his own nature, and pour out his own brightness everywhere.
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“Luther’s dangerous Reformation.”
William Birch, posted 31 October 2014. In adopting sola scriptura, Martin Luther opened up the possibility of thousands of differing interpretations—which have since become thousands of traditions—of the scriptures.
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