Friday Files, 9 November 2018

, posted by K.W. Leslie

It’s the St. Benignus of Armagh’s Day edition of the Friday Files, our weekly reminder that SEA’s archives have a lot of good stuff in ’em. Views expressed in the articles are sometimes that of SEA, sometimes not. Our members’ names are in blue.

“Did the early church Christian fathers teach Calvinism?”
Jack Cottrell, 25 July 2011. Michael Horton claims the TULIP doctrines can be found in the church fathers. Cottrell looked at Horton’s quotes: No, they really don’t.
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“Christ redeemed faith.”
Dan Chapa, 24 July 2014. The Canons of Dort say Jesus acquired faith for us. But the scriptures say he purchased our freedom, not our faith.
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“A short, partially annotated list of Arminian systematic theologies.”
Brian Abasciano, 25 July 2014. Armenians tend to exegete, so we don’t have a lot of systematic theologies. But here are a few of the best possibilities.
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“Calvinist pastor turns from Calvinism to Arminianism after 20 years as a Calvinist and intensive study.”
Keith Coward, 28 July 2014. The more you study the scriptures, the more you realize Calvinism’s favorite proof texts aren’t quoted in context. So Coward discovered… and it cost him his job.
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“Beware of stealth Calvinism!”
Roger E. Olson, 31 July 2014. Under the guise of opposing Open Theism, various church leaders will try to change their faith statements to declare God’s knowledge is independent of human action and decision—in other words, deterministic.
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“Susanna Wesley on Predestination.”
Susanna Wesley, posted 5 August 2014. As taught by Calvinists, it makes God the author of sin… who yet punishes us for sinning.
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“14 favorite ways to twist the gospel.”
Howard Snyder, 3 January 2014. And you’ll find these misrepresentations everywhere. [You might even be teaching them unaware.]
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“Isaiah 5:4 and sufficient grace.”
Dan Chapa, 8 August 2014. When ancient Israel resisted God’s grace, and his complaint, “What more could I have done?”
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“Led Zeppelin, Calvinism, and words with multiple meanings.”
Doug Sayers, 16 April 2014. “Cause you know sometimes words have two meanings”: On the Calvinist redefinitions of “grace” and “world.”
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“‘Traditional’ Southern Baptists counter Calvinism.”
Bob Allen, 9 June 2014. Norman Geisler warns his fellow Baptists about five-point Calvinists whom he considers more extreme than Calvin himself.
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“Is Calvinism true?”
Braxton Hunter and Paul Cooper, 8 June 2014. A debate on Calvinism, held as part of the Whosoever Will Conference.
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“Calvin on John 3:16.”
Craig L. Adams, 19 August 2014. Calvin’s commentary on the passage started well, but then he claims life is promised to all who believe, but given to the elect alone. Um… you can’t have it both ways.
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“Why is there suffering?”
Sid Litke, 4 June 2014. An outline of basic Christian theodicy.
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