Friday Files, 5 October 2018

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It’s the St. Thraseas’s Day edition of the Friday Files, our weekly trip into SEA’s archives. Any summaries and views expressed belong to their authors, and sometimes (but not always) SEA as a whole. SEA member names are in blue.

“Author says Calvinism can’t make sense of the cross.”
Jonathan Merritt, 3 April 2014. An interview with Austin Fischer on Young, Restless, and No Longer Reformed, and the divisiveness of Calvinism.
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“Why the gospel is for everyone.”
Adam Harwood, posted 11 April 2014. God loves and wants to save every person, and Christ died for every person.
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“4 ways prevenient grace relates to the missio Dei.”
Dave Treat, 27 February 2014. God’s already at work on his plan. Discovering this (or rediscovering it, as “missional” Christians lately have) connects neatly with the fact grace is part of the plan.
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“Can God handle sin sinlessly? Determinism and the relationship between God and evil.”
Denny Kuhn, 2006. The way Reformed theologians talk about God’s sovereignty and human evil—God is in control of all, but sin’s entirely our fault, and the only reason God’s not at fault is a mystery—it’s a contradiction inherent in their system, and absurd. They direly need a better answer.
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“C.S. Lewis and the pious Calvinist confusions of John Piper.”
Jerry L. Walls, 28 March 2014. Lewis’s recognition of God willing our good, and Piper’s fixation on God willing nothing but his own glory.
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“The Pelagian heresy and today’s sexual revolution.”
Christopher Fisher, 6 May 2014. People figure they were “born this way,” and it’s because God intentionally made them that way. But this thinking doesn’t take into consideration the fall of humanity.
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“‘Doctrines of grace’ & evangelism.”
Ronnie Rogers, 6 April 2014. If the gospel isn’t for everybody, it’s not good news. Not even for the elect—’cause they don’t yet know they’re elect. Not really.
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Excerpt on apostasy from Introduction to Theology.”
J.C. Wenger, posted 13 May 2014. God doesn’t want Christians to become apostate, which is why the scriptures warn us away from it.
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“Helpful conversation between Austin Fischer and an interlocutor.”
Austin Fischer and Clayton Hutchins, posted 14 May 2014. Hutchins and Fischer debate on Piper’s criticism of Fischer’s book, and some of Calvinism’s profound problems come up.
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“Proof I could never be a Calvinist.”
Craig L. Adams, 3 April 2014. Why does God send people to hell? According to John Calvin, ’cause he’s pleased to do so.
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