Friday Files, 28 September 2018

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It’s the St. Eustochium’s Day edition of the Friday Files, SEA’s weekly extra dose of reading material, dug out of the archives ’cause it’s there. (And still good.) All views expressed are those of their authors, and aren’t necessarily shared by SEA, but we expect you’ll find the articles of interest anyway. SEA member names are in blue.

“A Good Friday.”
Martin Glynn, 18 April 2014. Why call the day when Christ Jesus was tortured to death “good”?
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“Easter and the resurrection.”
Ben Witherington III, 26 March 2013. What’s the resurrection, and why is it important to every believer?
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“Why the resurrection matters. (Resurrection is everything.)”
Matt O’Reilly, 18 April 2014. Just as Jesus was raised, so will we be—and this fact is meant to give us hope and spur us to holiness.
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“Hermeneutics of 2 Peter 3:9—‘us all’ or ‘you all’?”
Steven Costley, 2 July 2013. A four-point Calvinist objects to James White’s interpretation of a verse on atonement’s extent.
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“Continuance in salvation (eternal security) and Paul’s letter to the Galatians.”
James M. Leonard, 22 April 2014. Paul urged the Galatians to continue because some were falling away.
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“Diminishing the creation and the Creator.”
Ronnie Rogers, 6 March 2014. The Calvinist insistence on compatibilism posits a weak creator, incapable of the complex, sophisticated creation of freewill beings.
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“Review of Young, Restless and No Longer Reformed.”
John Frye, posted 24 April 2014. A former Calvinist discusses Austin Fischer’s book on leaving Calvinism.
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“Austin Fischer-Young, Restless and No Longer Reformed.”
Shane Blackshear, 17 February 2014. A podcast interview with Fischer about his book.
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“The ‘chief end of man’—God’s glory—yes and amen (but…)”
Roger E. Olson, 4 April 2014. Everything was indeed created for God’s glory. But Calvinists’ overemphasis on God’s power undermines God’s love as his motive.
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“Answering Tom Hicks on the free will of man.”
Braxton Hunter, 29 March 2014. In Hicks’ objections to Hunter’s article on free will, he appears to think free will is some outside force which forces the individual to do various things. [Sometimes it’s really hard to let go of that determinism, huh?]
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“Hot Seat Sunday.”
Bruxy Cavey, 7 April 2014. Cavey answers questions from his congregation, many of them relevant to soteriology.
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