Friday Files, 21 September 2018

, posted by K.W. Leslie

It’s the St. Matthew Day edition of the Friday Files, our version of the Wayback Machine, in which we travel to the not-all-that-distant year of 2014 and poke around SEA’s website a little. The views expressed therein aren’t guaranteed to be those of SEA and its members. Nor are K.W. Leslie’s summaries. We have ’em because we expect they’ll be of interest to Arminians. SEA member names are in blue.

Roger E. Olson’s articles:

“What attracts people into the Young, Restless, Reformed Movement?”
14 March 2014. It takes complex ideas and reduces it to an easy formula. It’s hardly a new phenomenon. Look at Bill Gothard.
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“Why (High) Calvinism is impossible.”
16 March 2014. When “goodness” gets a special, indefinable meaning when applied to a deterministic God, it means the scriptures can’t be trusted to define him properly.
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“Follow up to why (High) Calvinism is impossible.”
19 March 2014. Calvinists won’t let anyone get away with an equivocal definition of “sovereignty”—so why are they willing to accept one for “goodness”?
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“Is the ‘Arminian God’ good?”
29 March 2014. Calvinists may object to a good God who lets humans be tested. But in what way is that worse than a God who arbitrarily saves some and damns most?
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St. Justin on pre-determinism.
Daniel McLain Hixon, 28 March 2014. Rejecting determinism didn’t begin with the Wesleys or Arminius; we gotta go all the way back to Justin Martyr.
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“Book review: Young, Restless, No Longer Reformed by Austin Fischer”
Jonathan Andersen, 28 March 2014. Fischer concludes the way Calvinism depicts God, has little of the character of God as revealed by Christ Jesus in the gospels.
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“Is libertarian free will eternal?”
Ronnie Rogers, 13 September 2014. Trying to argue human freedom and determinism are compatible, invariably winds up making God the cause of evil.
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“Illegitimate insistence on Arminius’ thought being semi-Pelagian in W. Robert Godfrey’s review of Jacob Arminius, Theologian of Grace.”
Admin, 15 April 2014. Godfrey insists Arminius was semi-Pelagian, but in so doing coins a loosey-goosey definition of the term.
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“Revisiting the phrases: ‘All without distinction,’ and ‘All without exception’.”
David Ponter, 25 January 2008. A four-point Calvinist objects to taking unlimited statements in scripture and limiting them for the sake of “hyper Calvinists.”
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“Gentle and riding on a donkey.”
James M. Leonard, 17 April 2014. Jesus humbly, gently, vulnerably offers salvation to all. Not sovereignly forces it upon a select few.
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