Friday Files, 7 September 2018

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It’s the St. Regina Day edition of the Friday Files, your weekly reminder that SEA has years of fun stuff on our website. The views expressed therein aren’t necessarily those of SEA, and neither are K.W. Leslie’s summaries, but you should still find ’em interesting and informative. SEA members’ names are in blue.

The InterVarsity Press New Testament Commentary Series.
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Matthew, Craig S. Keener
Luke, Darrell L. Bock
John, Rodney A. Whitacre
Acts, William J. Larkin Jr.
2 Corinthians, Linda L. Belleville
Galatians, G. Walter Hansen
Philippians, Gordon D. Fee
Colossians, Robert W. Wall
1 Timothy, Philip H. Towner
Titus, Philip H. Towner
Philemon, Robert W. Wall
James, George M. Stulac
1 John, Marianne Maye Thompson
2 John, Marianne Maye Thompson
3 John, Marianne Maye Thompson
Revelation, J. Ramsey Michaels

“Practicing freedom: A Lenten reflection.”
Matt O’Reilly, 22 March 2013. Our natural fallen state is bondage to sin and death, but Christ came to free us.
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“Condemnation for unbelief and the atonement.”
Daniel Nebauer, 12 December 2013. How limited atonement isn’t logically compatible with Jesus’s statement, “Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed….”
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“Salvation by grace through faith, and its implications for eternal security.”
Forlinianslip, 12 March 2014. Southern Baptists may adopt the Calvinist view on salvation by grace unto faith, but when they talk sanctification, they tend to sound more Arminian.
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“Dear John Piper.”
Austin Fischer, 7 March 2014. A response to Piper’s critique of Fischer’s book about leaving Calvinism. (Specifically how Fischer said Calvinism made God feel to him like a needy black hole.)
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“Are Arminians necessarily synergists?”
Matthew Pinson, 19 February 2014. In a response to Arminians being described as synergistic, Pinson insists Arminius wasn’t, and we needn’t be. (Makes us sound Pelagian, y’know.)
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Roger E. Olson’s articles.
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“Is Arminianism ‘Reformed’?”
27 February 2014. Depends on how whether you accept the broad or narrow definition of “Reformed.” It’s in the broad tradition of Protestantism; it’s not in the narrow tradition of Calvinism.

“Arminianism and providence.”
1 March 2014. God can, and does, interfere with free will. But he never manipulates us into doing evil.

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