Friday Files, 10 August 2018

, posted by K.W. Leslie

It’s the St. Bessus’s Day edition of the Friday Files, SEA’s weekly roundup of old posts. The views expressed therein are not necessarily that of SEA—but we did put ’em on our website, so there’s that. K.W. Leslie does the summaries. SEA members’ names are in blue.

“The Calvinist: A harmless parody.”
posted by Martin Glynn, 30 December 2013
A John Piper poem (set to video) about a Calvinist; and a little parody to go along with it, if you can read it with your best Piper impression.
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“Only Paul. [Satire.]”
Kevin Jackson, 18 July 2013
If we’re gonna read the scriptures as literally as possible, it’d appear the extent of Christ’s atonement is limited to Paul of Tarsus alone.
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“Charles Wesley’s “And Can It Be”: Background and scriptural allusions.”
Justin Taylor, 14 December 2013
The verses and theology behind this beloved hymn.
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“Evangelicals find themselves in the midst of a Calvinist revival.”
Mark Oppenheimer, 3 January 2014
How Calvin’s “so-called doctrines of grace” [the author’s words, but well put] are gaining prominence in American churches.
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“My response to Oppenheimer’s New York Times article on Evangelicals and Calvinism.”
Roger E. Olson, 4 January 2014
Not a lot of depth to the above article, and it implies the alternatives to Calvinism are irresponsible feel-good theology.
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“A response to Thomas Schreiner’s review of my book on Romans 9:10-18.”
Brian Abasciano, 8 January 2014
Six criticisms Schreiner had with the book, individually addressed.
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“A telling and ironic tweet by John Piper on “Waking up in the morning” as a believer.”
Ben Henshaw, 26 June 2013
He figures he’s mocking Arminians’ lack of assurance, but he is of course exposing his own.
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“Review: From Heaven He Came and Sought Her.”
David L. Allen, 9-12 December 2013
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“Part 1.”
The first part of a review of David & Jonathan Gibson’s book on limited atonement; namely where we see the idea in church history. Or where we don’t.

“Part 2.”
Now for where we see the idea of limited atonement in the scriptures—once you explain away all the passages which say Christ’s atonement is for all.

“Part 3.”
Ultimately, the book doesn’t succeed in demonstrating its premise. Not a single biblical statement overtly states Christ only died for the elect, but easily a dozen verses say he died for all.

“The incompatibility of compatiblism.”
Evan Minton, 16 January 2014
Either you believe in free will or determinism; trying to fit the two of them together into “compatibilism” still makes God the author of sin.
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