Friday Files, 20 July 2018

, posted by K.W. Leslie

It’s the St. Elijah Day edition of the Friday Files. (All the Old Testament prophets are saints, y’know.)

The Friday Files are a look back at SEA’s previous articles, posted on the site because they’re of interest to Arminians. The views they express aren’t always those of SEA. Neither are K.W. Leslie’s brief summaries. SEA members are highlighted in blue.

The FACTS of Salvation.

A summary of Arminian theology and the biblical doctrines of grace. We posted ’em in October 2013.
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“Some brief notes on the FACTS write-up.” — Read Post →

“F: Freed to Believe by God’s Grace.”
Brian Abasciano, posted 6 November 2013
God calls everyone everywhere to repent and believe the gospel.
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“A: Atonement for All.”
Brian Abasciano, posted 5 November 2013
No one can be saved lest God take the initiative—which he does.
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“C: Conditional Election.”
Brian Abasciano, posted 7 November 2013
Election isn’t random, arbitrary, or based on irrelevant factors. It’s conditioned on God’s foreknowledge of our faith.
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“T: Total Depravity.”
Brian Abasciano, posted 4 November 2013
Sin affects the whole of humanity, and the human life.
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“S: Security in Christ.”
Brian Abasciano, posted 8 November 2013
Abide in Christ, and he will abide in you.
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“Three reasons I preach an Arminian theology.”
T.E. Hanna, 25 October 2013
Calvinism has some useful scholars, but if you wanna proclaim good news to a world that’s losing hope, we need to proclaim an Arminian thelogy.
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“The cross: Billy Graham’s message to America.”
Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, 6 November 2014
Here, a Calvinist (Lecrae) and Arminian (Graham) share the gospel together—because despite our differences, Evangelicals share the same Lord.
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“Against theological determinism / compatibilism.”
“Theosophical Ruminatior,” 18 January 2012
Six reasons determinism is inconsistent with Christian theism.
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“Three facets of prevenient grace.”
Roy Ingle, posted 14 November 2013
Ways the Lord is working in the world to draw sinners to himself.
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“Individual apostasy.”
Donald C. Stamps, posted 26 September 2012
How people turn away from Christ, and the scriptures’ warnings against it.
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