Friday Files, 29 June 2018

, posted by K.W. Leslie

It’s the Sts. Peter and Paul Day edition of the Friday Files, your weekly Wayback Machine for SEA’s previous articles. The views expressed therein aren’t necessarily those of SEA and its members; we provide them only to inform SEA and its members. But if they’re written by members (whose names are highlighted in blue), chances are they’re what we believe. Most of the time anyway. (K.W. Leslie wrote the summaries.)

“Another look at James Arminius and the Dutch Reformation.”
Jerry Sutton, 2011
The Dutch Reformation, and how its implementation affected Arminius’s responses to it.
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“Why are there no Arminians on the Gospel Transformation Bible committee?”
Roy Ingle, published 17 September 2013
Crossway’s ESV study bible, The Gospel Transformation Bible, has only Calvinists among its commentators. Do only Calvinists represent the gospel?
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“Excellent new book about Calvin and Wesley.”
Roger E. Olson, 14 September 2013
The book’s focus is on Christian lifestyle, as Don Thorsen tries to connect doctrine with practice. In so doing he demonstrates Wesley’s theology as more practical and consistent with the Christian life—as demonstrated by the many Calvinists whose lives are far more consistent with Wesley’s theology than Calvin’s.
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“The Arminian theology of C.S. Lewis.”
Kevin Jackson, 19 September 2013
Quotes from Lewis which indicate his theology was more consistent with Arminian thought.
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“Building King Hezekiah’s wall: Spiritual lessons from Judah’s defenses.”
Kirk Taylor, 8 March 2013
Hezekiah trusted the LORD—and at the same time, built a thick new wall in preparation for an Assyrian siege. Do we see an inconsistency in this behavior?
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“Calvinism appearing in unexpected (and inappropriate) places.”
Roger E. Olson, 19 September 2013
When the young restless Reformed folks bring their “doctrines of grace” into denominations which are historically Arminian.
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“Arminian timeline.”
God Is My Judge, 23 September 2013
When all the more important stuff in Arminian history went down.
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“Why unconditional predestination hurts salvation.”
James Arminius, posted 23 September 2013
Six reasons why unconditional election is inconsistent with the scriptures and Christian experience.
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“Whatever that scripture proves, it never can prove this…”
John Wesley, 1740
Wesley on why limited atonement is inconsistent with the scriptures and Christian experience.
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“From Tozer to Piper to Arminius: A theological journey.”
Joshua Valdez, 25 September 2013
A personal testimony of coming to Calvinism, discovering its flaws, and realizing you were Arminian all along.
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