Friday Files, 8 June 2018

, posted by K.W. Leslie

It’s the St. Melania the Elder Day edition of the Friday Files. Today we look back at previous SEA posts. I know; we do that every time we do the Friday Files. But today’s different! Because we’re looking at entirely different previous SEA posts!

Anyway. Views expressed in said posts, and in K.W. Leslie’s summaries, aren’t necessarily those of SEA and its members. As usual our members’ names are highlighted in blue.

“A demonstration Against Calvinism.”
Rich Davis, 25 April 2013
When Moses objects [Lv 19.15] to judging one’s neighbor unfairly—i.e. by virtue of their societal rank, which should have no bearing on the case at hand—we see a principle of divine justice inconsistent with Calvinism’s idea of God choosing the elect for his own private reasons.
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“A Wesleyan Arminian considers Finney’s theology, methodology, and critics.”
Josh Ratliff, 16 December 2011
Charles Finney (1792-1875) had a great impact on American Evangelicalism, especially in his rejections of original sin, limited atonement, and total depravity.
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“Three things this Methodist learned from Calvinists.”
Matt O’Reilly, 3 April 2013
We may critique Calvinism at SEA, but there are a lot of things our Calvinist sisters and brothers get right. Like sin’s seriousness, God’s desire for relationships with his creation, and the greatness of God’s glory.
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“My list of ‘approved denominations.’ ”
Roger E. Olson, 6 November 2012
Olson’s list of trinitarian, Evangelical, Arminian denominations wherein you might feel comfortable worshiping.
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“Predestination and God’s sovereignty.”
James E. Pedlar, 21 May 2013
Why John Wesley found it necessary to reject the Calvinist approach to predestination.
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“The atonement debate.”
N.T. Wright, posted 24 September 2009
Wright spells out the different Christian perspectives of Christ’s atonement.
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“To bless the nations: Election in biblical and missional perspective.”
Matt O’Reilly, 25 June 2013
How do our disparate views of election influence the way we view missions?
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“Why determinism should not be embraced.”
John H. Conway, posted 27 April 2013
Eminent mathematician and co-discoverer of the Free Will Theorem, Conway made this assertion about determinism and free will.
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“A non-Calvinist, relational view of God’s sovereignty.”
Roger E. Olson, 14 April 2013
Many Christians don’t know what they mean by sovereignty to begin with. Here are three ways to look at it, plus Olson’s favorite.
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“On divine providence.”
James Arminius, posted 1 August 2013
How Arminius viewed God’s oversight.
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