Friday Files, 25 May 2018

, posted by K.W. Leslie

It’s the St. Bede the Venerable Day edition of the Friday Files, when once again we dig through previous SEA posts and say, “Hey, this one’s not bad.” The views expressed in ’em (and in K.W. Leslie’s summaries) aren’t necessarily those of SEA and its members, and our members’ names are highlighted in blue.

“Misplacing Romans: John Wesley and hermeneutics.”
Howard Snyder, 8 March 2013
Is Romans the key to understanding the rest of scripture? [Um… isn’t that supposed to be Christ Jesus?]
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“What are you reading for?”
Roy Ingle, posted 7 June 2013
Too often we’re guilty of trying to make the scriptures back up our favorite assertions, instead of searching for Christ within them.
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“Election is for everyone.”
Roger E. Olson, 13 February 2013
Evangelicals can and do disagree about whether individuals’ inclusion in God’s elect people involves any level of free will, but all agree that the existence of the people of God is not dependent on human choice.
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“Ten guidelines for Evangelical scholarship.”
Donald A. Hagner, posted 12 March 2013
If you’re gonna follow the critical method, here are some things to bear in mind.
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“Why John Calvin is shaking things up for Southern Baptists.”
Greg Horton, 6 June 2013
Eighty percent of SBC pastors object to the idea only the elect will be saved. Yet Calvinism is spreading in the denomination.
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“Whosoever will: Total depravity.”
Paige Patterson, 1 October 2010
Calvinists describe humans as “spiritually dead” in a way the scriptures don’t. The Spirit in fact calls us to repent—and humans can, and many do, respond.
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“The bonds of freedom.”
Roger E. Olsen, 5 October 2012
Biblical freedom and cultural/patriotic freedom are two different things. Christian freedom means we’re no longer hindered by sin, and can obey Christ freely.
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“The Order of Salvation: Complete videos.”
Charles Gutenson, 10 May 2013
Seedbed’s “Seven Minute Seminary” explains the order of salvation, prevenient grace, convicting grace, justifying grace, and sanctifying grace.
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“Prevenient grace and semi-Pelagianism.”
Dan Chapa, 19 June 2013
Dealing with the common accusation that prevenient grace is a form of synergism and semi-Pelagianism.
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“The justification of man before God.”
James Arminius, posted 20 June 2013
Sinners are only righteous because Christ’s righteousness is imputed to us—by faith.
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“Why does God allow bad things to happen to good people?”
Hank Hanegraaff, 2000
Perhaps the most common question Christian celebrities are asked to answer—and it has to do with free will.
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