Friday Files, 18 May 2018

, posted by K.W. Leslie

It’s the St. Venantius of Camerino Day edition of the Friday Files, your weekly trip down SEA memory lane. The views expressed therein (and K.W. Leslie’s brief summaries) aren’t necessarily reflective of SEA’s official views, and our members’ personal stances. Members’ articles are highlighted in blue.

“From where did the first evil inclination come? A dialogue with a Calvinist.”
Roger E. Olsen, 21 Jan 2013
When asked where Adam (or Satan) first got the idea to go wrong, most Calvinists answer they’ve no idea. A comment from Olsen’s blog comes from a Calvinist willing to say it might’ve come from free will.
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“Monergism: A doctrine of demons?”
John Kebbel, 22 May 2013
Say there’s a fire chief who rescues 10 boys from a fire when he could’ve rescued 100. Oh, and it turns out he started the fire.
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“Did Arminius affirm salvation by grace or works?”
Roy Ingle, posted 23 May 2013
Spoiler: Grace. Humanity’s free will cannot produce salvation apart from grace.
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“Who makes the final choice in salvation, God or man?”
Michael L. Brown and Bruce Bennett, 11 May 2013
A debate between Brown and Bennett.
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“Our theological perspective and worldview: The resourcing commitments of Seedbed.”
Seedbed staff, 20 November 2012
Seedbed, a website of Asbury Seminary which provides theological resources to encourage church growth, explains their mission.
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“Quick overview of lapsarianism.”
Roy Ingle, posted 28 May 2012
Calvinism’s three main views as to how God decided to construct the atonement, and save only a chosen few.
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“Evil: Sometimes the human explanation is better than the divine explanation.”
Ryan Ragozine, 17 December 2012
Telling the grieving, “Everything happens for a reason,” unwittingly tells them God meant for evil to befall them.
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“Consider John Wesley: Neither Pelagian nor Augustinian.”
Henry Knight III, 28 February 2013
On trying to place Wesley on the theological spectrum.
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“On Romans 7:14.”
James Arminius, posted 31 May 2013
It’s about a person who’s not yet regenerate.
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“The tweet after the tweet.”
Derek Ouellette, 22 May 2013
Remember when John Piper tried to comfort tornado victims by quoting Job? Didn’t go over so well. But perhaps we should’ve read what he tweeted right afterward.
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“The cause and cure of earthquakes.”
John Wesley, 1750
Wesley was quite sure God causes ’em. Therefore repent!
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“Divine omnibenevolence.”
B.P. Burnett, 5 June 2013
God loves everyone. Though there are those who doubt this, due to scriptures which indicate God hates some people.
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