Friday Files, 20 Apr 2018

, posted by K.W. Leslie

It’s the St. Theotimos edition of the Friday Files, SEA’s weekly slice of nostalgia: We go over some of the older postings on the website, and sometimes point you to some of the current goings-on in the Christian blogosphere. The views expressed (and K.W. Leslie’s summaries) do not necessarily reflect those of SEA and its members, and articles by members are highlighted in blue.

“A five point Calvinist speaks out against requiring Calvinism for salvation.”
Phillip M. Way, 5 Apr 2013
We include this on our site because it critiques the hyper-Calvinist view which demands one must believe Calvinism to be saved.
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“Come on, nobody’s perfect!”
D.V. Wayman, 28 Mar 2012
Jesus tells us we’re to be as perfect as our Father. But, being human, we regularly find that to be impossible. So what do you think Jesus meant by this statement?
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“Renowned commentator Albert Barnes on the extent of the atonement.”
Albert Barnes, posted 7 Apr 2013
Presbyterian pastor Albert Barnes (1798–1870), whose public-domain Notes Explanatory and Practical you might get bundled free with your bible software, nonetheless believed in unlimited atonement, and had this to say on the subject.
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“Hardening, Hardness of Heart.”
Walter A. Elwell, 1997
From Baker’s Evangelical Dictionary of Theology, Elwell describes how the scriptures treat hardness of heart.
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“The universal call of the gospel requires universal provision/unlimited atonement.”
SEA discussion group, 7 Apr 2013
How can we sincerely preach the gospel to everyone if Christ Jesus didn’t really die for everyone?
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“How can God’s glory be ‘diminished’ in Calvinism?”
Ben Henshaw, 3 Feb 2010
Calvinists regularly accuse people who don’t agree with their definitions of sovereignty, of “diminishing” God’s glory. Thing is, as Calvinism is defined, nothing diminishes his glory, least of all unbelievers: Everything and everyone gets manipulated into bringing God yet more glory. All their “diminishing” talk is just their bile making ’em theologically inconsistent.
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The Confession of the Remonstrants.
Simon Episcopius, Thomas Taylor, 1676
An early Remonstrant work: Episcopius and Taylor’s book containing their points of view on Christian doctrine. (Warning: It was published back when English still had long S’s, which always remind me of F’s.)
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“Arminius, the scapegoat of Calvinism.”
Vic Reasoner, posted 9 Apr 2013
How Arminianism has been historically misrepresented by Calvinists.
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“Analysis of the ninth chapter of the epistle to the Romans.”
James Arminius, 1593
Arminius explains the historical context of Calvinists’ favorite passage on predestination.
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“A declaration of the sentiments of Arminius.”
James Arminius, 30 Oct 1608
Arminius’s publicly stated views on predestination, providence, free will, God’s grace, Jesus’s divinity, and justification.
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