Friday Files, 2 Feb 18

, posted by K.W. Leslie

Happy Groundhog Day! It’s time for another post of The Friday Files. We know what you’re thinking: “Didn’t I just read the Friday Files yesterday? Wait, didn’t all of this happen yesterday?” Nah; that was last week.

Anyway the Friday Files is where we highlight older SEA posts, and point to articles found round the blogosphere thought to be of interest to those interested in Arminian/Calvinist issues. Since some of ’em are blatantly Calvinist, obviously inclusion isn’t necessarily approval or endorsement. Infuriated by that fact, or don’t care for the brief summaries? K.W. Leslie’s the culprit.

From the SEA archives:

Brian Abasciano. “A shameless plug for my book on Romans 9:10-18.” [23 Feb 2013] Yeah, the hardcover prices are nuts, but you can get softcovers for less than $40.
William Brennan, Seedbed. “John Wesley’s experimental religion and evangelism in a postmodern age.” [29 Oct 2012] Postmoderns are skeptical of anything that’s declared to be an absolute truth. So how are we Christians to make truth claims about Jesus to postmoderns? Well, let’s start by trusting God to reveal himself to people.
Michael L. Brown, Townhall. “The Newtown massacre and the pain of God.” [17 Dec 2012] After another mass shooting, people question why God didn’t prevent it; but they never think to ask whether God approved of it, or mourns over it with us.
B.P. Burnett. “The glory which is ours.” [23 Feb 2013] Having free will isn’t glorious. Receiving God’s grace: That’s what’s glorious.
Roy Ingle. “What Arminians find offensive about the ‘doctrines of grace.’ ” [23 Feb 2013] Namely the term implies Calvinism has the corner on grace, and Arminianism doesn’t.
Keith Schooley. “The problem with deterministic arguments.” [21 Feb 2013] One can’t argue “God directs my thoughts” without acknowledging God must therefore also be directing our opponent’s thoughts.
Roger E. Olsen, My Evangelical Arminian Theological Musings.
“Don’t hate me because I’m Arminian.” [6 Sep 1999] Olsen’s provocative Christianity Today piece: Until recently, Calvinists and Arminians were united in our common Evangelicalism. But radical Calvinists are starting to cry heresy.
“Calvinism and the God-as-author analogy.” [26 Dec 2012] If, as Calvinists imagine, God wrote all the evil into human history as necessary for a greater good, why do Calvinists feel outrage and repugnance towards all that evil? Shouldn’t they celebrate that evil? ’Cause greater good?
“A letter from a young Christian reader of Against Calvinism.” [29 Dec 2012] Sometimes young people don’t know there are alternatives to Calvinism—and it worries them profoundly. That’s why books by Arminians are so helpful.
Bruce Oyen. “Christ’s gospel is for everyone.” [Feb 2009] A poem which underscores the simplicity and scope of Christ’s gospel.
Robert E. Picirilli. “Foreknowledge, freedom, and the future.” [Jun 2000, PDF] An objection to Clark Pinnock and other open theologians’ view that God doesn’t comprehensively know the future.
Vic Reasoner. “Golden chain or iron padlock?” [23 Feb 2013, PDF] The sequence of salvation in Romans 8.28-30 depends on whether the believer doesn’t abort it; but William Perkins’ 1591 book A Golden Chain declared it wholly predetermined. And for the reprobate, doom.
Glenn Scrivener, 321. “The story of God, the world, and you.” [2012, video] The presentation of the gospel is simple as three, two, one.
John Wesley. “The question, ‘What is an Arminian?’ answered by a lover of free grace.” [23 Feb 2013] Wesley’s description of Arminianism, and why he embraced it.
John M. Wiley. “Distinguishing classical Arminianism from semi-Pelagianism: An attempt to liberate Jacobus Arminius from fallacious claims and popular misconceptions about his theology.” [14 Dec 2012, PDF] Okay, individual self-described Arminians might get a bit Pelagian. But once we look at Arminius himself, he taught no such things.


Adam Ford (Calvinist), The Babylon Bee. “Russian Orthodox Church accused of interfering with doctrine of election.” [25 Jan 2018] Satire: Apparently the Russian bots are overwhelming social media websites with (gasp!) icons. Not good Calvinist tulip emojis.

Arminianism and other non-Calvinism:

Gowdy Cannon, Rambling Ever On. “Calvinist constantly using Romans 9 argument stunned to read verses 30-33.” [31 Jan 2018] Satire: The faith crisis when the young restless Reformed discover there’s such a thing as context.
Leighton Flowers (Traditionalist), Soteriology 101. “You don’t understand Calvinism: The accusation of misrepresentation.” [25 Jan 2018] Calvinists regularly tell Flowers he must reject ’em because he doesn’t get them. Oh, he gets ’em. And we must never misrepresent our opponents… such as Calvinists tend to misrepresent Traditionalists.
Evan Minton, Cerebral Faith. “Does libertarian free will imply the ability to live a perfect life?” [30 Jan 2018] The Calvinist figures because we can’t fully resist sin, we must not have libertarian free will. But there’s a fallacy at this argument’s core.
Paul Moldovan, Overthnking Christian. “‘If God is sovereign, why pray?’ Craig Blomberg responds.” [12 Jun 2017] Blomberg’s views on God’s will, predetermination, and human freedom.
Tim Stratton (Molinist), Free Thinking Ministries. “Playing the cards God’s been dealt.” [29 Jan 2018] God is mighty enough to create free-will creatures—and it makes more sense than that God deterministically arranged for his own will to be thwarted.
Laurence M. Vance (Free Grace), Grace Evangelical Society. Why I Am Not an Arminian. [25 Jan 2018] A review of Robert A. Peterson and Michael D. Williams’ book, contrasted with Jerry L. Walls and Joseph R. Dongell’s Why I Am Not a Calvinist. The non-Arminian book spends more time plugging Calvinism than refuting Arminianism.

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