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Another Friday, another post of The Friday Files, our weekly stack of links: We highlight older SEA posts, and point to a few pieces, thought to be of interest to those interested in Arminian/Calvinist issues, found around the blogosphere. Inclusion isn’t necessarily approval or endorsement. (’Cause a few Calvinists obviously get in there, y’see.)

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From the SEA archives:

SEA admin.
“Some good news; New Barna study reveals that there is no significant growth in numbers towards Calvinism among church leaders.” [12 Feb 2013] About 31 percent of Protestants identify their churches as Calvinist or Reformed—which is statistically unchanged from the 32 percent recorded in 2003.
“Contradiction alert: Calvinist scholar John Feinberg on ethics.” [13 Feb 2013] In Justin Taylor’s video interview, Feinberg discusses ethical dilemmas and free choices… despite the fact Calvinism doesn’t allow for free choices in God’s sovereignly-decreed universe.
“A concise summary of the corporate view of election and predestination.” [13 Feb 2013] As spelled out in the Life in the Spirit Study Bible, or Fire Bible. Bonus: A few useful SEA links on the subject.
“Comments on divine hardening of the human heart by the NET Bible: Isaiah 6:10 and 63:17.” [19 Feb 2013] “You continually hear, but don’t understand” is rhetorical, not deterministic. And lament is frequently hyperbolic in its determinism.
Daniel L. Migliore (Calvinist). “On election as corporate.” [4 Feb 2013] Migliore understands election to be “the creation of a people of God and not simply the salvation of solitary individuals.”
Russell Moore (Calvinist). “Should we marry if we’re theologically divided? My response.” [13 May 2010] In his reply to an Arminian and Calvinist who want to marry, Moore reminds them the gospel is greater than their disagreement, and offers other pragmatic advice.
B.J. Oropeza. “Great comments on corporate election, apostasy, and Rom 8:28-39.” [15 Feb 2013] With corporate election comes corporate perseverance. The individual’s situation is a little different.
Bob Passantino, Answers in Action. “Supercalvinisticexpialidocious.” [12 Feb 2013] A humorous voicemail greeting which reminds you of the freewill implications of leaving a message.
Keith Schooley.
“Why I am an Arminian, part 1 of 2.” [11 Feb 2013] Arminianism can’t just be a negative response to Calvinism: There are many positive, benevolent reasons we believe as we do.
“Why I am an Arminian, part 2 of 2.” [11 Feb 2013] Calvinism objects to Arminianism on the grounds of a pitiless “justice,” and determinism.
“One Arminian’s perspective on election, God’s foreknowledge, and free will.” [21 Feb 2013] Calvinists exclusively focus on the individual when it comes to election and foreknowledge, whereas Arminians begin with the defining characteristic of God’s people: Faith in Christ for the atonement of sin.
Timothy Tennent.
“Love Wins: Why Rob Bell needs to return to seminary… and bring along quite a few contemporary Evangelical pastors. Part 1.” [18 Mar 2011] Bell’s book objects to the popular Evangelical descriptions of heaven and hell. If his caricatures are as widespread as he claims, a lot of Evangelical preachers need serious correction.
“Love Wins, part 2.” [21 Mar 2011] Bell’s solution isn’t new; it’s Karl Rahner, repackaged. It stems from Bell’s misunderstanding of love, sin, and God’s justice.
“Love Wins, part 3.” [22 Mar 2011] God’s kingdom is here but not yet here; Bell misunderstands that tension. Further, though he recognizes only Christ’s work saves (and can save anyone!), he leaves out the rather vital ingredients of our repentance and faith.
“Love Wins, part 4.” [23 Mar 2011] Bell is probably right about several things, and these subjects need to be further discussed. But his form of inclusivism undermines the gospel.


Taylor S. Brown, The Christian Revolution. “John Piper (mis)speaks ex cathedra.” [24 Jan 2018] An objection to Piper’s recent fatwa against women seminary professors.
Mark Jones (Calvinist), Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary. “What’s the problem with Arminianism, and who are the Arminians anyway?” [24 Jan 2018, video] What seminarians are taught about Arminians, by the teaching elder of Faith Vancouver Presbyterian.
Roger E. Olson, My Evangelical Arminian Theological Musings. “R.C. Sproul R.I.P.: A great Evangelical thinker remembered.” [23 Jan 2018] Olsen’s experiences with, and personal reminiscences of, the influential Calvinist theologian.

Arminianism and other non-Calvinism.

Leighton Flowers (Traditionalist), Soteriology 101. “Embracing James White’s embracing of Michael Brown.” [24 Jan 2018, audio] White and Brown may utterly disagree on soteriology and charismatic topics, but the guys are brothers in Christ, and that rightly takes precedence.
J. Matthew Pinson, Free Will Baptist Theology. “2017 symposium recap: Joshua Colson on Calvin’s view of the Supper.” [23 Jan 2018, with video] Too often Evangelicals overreact against the “real presence” in holy communion… resulting in “real absence.”
Tim Stratton, Free Thinking Ministries.
“Excusing sinners, blaming God, compatibilism, & the consequence argument.” [22 Jan 2018] A review of Guillaume Bignon’s book defending exhaustive divine determinism.

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