Exegetical Arminian Commentaries on the Whole Bible Online in 48 Languages by Dr. Bob Utley

, posted by SEA

Dr, Bob Utley provides free exegetical Arminian commentaries on the whole Bible online in 48 Languages at Free Bible Commentary and Bible Lessons International. Please be aware that Dr. Utley sometimes portrays himself as taking the middle ground between Arminianism and Calvinism and even overtly criticizes the Arminian view as he perceives it. But ultimately he takes an Arminian view and has even identified his material as Arminian to the Society of Evangelical Arminians. For example, in his comments on Romans 9 and Ephesians 1, he rejects the foreseen faith view of election and says basically the same thing about election (this specific quote is from his Ephesians 1 comments): “The believers’ choice of trusting in Christ confirms, not determines, God’s choice of them. God always takes the initiative in salvation (cf. John 6:44, 65).” But then he explains: ‘Jesus is God’s “yes” to fallen mankind (Karl Barth). Jesus is the elect man and all are potentially elect in Him (cf. John 3:16). All of God the Father’s blessings flow through Christ.’ The foreseen faith view of election, which Utley rejects, is not the only Arminian view. And what Utley says about election here falls within an Arminian viewpoint. He seems to hold the view that God chooses everyone, and those who freely respond confirm God’s election, leaving God as the initiator. This is basically a version of corporate election, though not the strongest version of the view (for an introduction to Arminian views of election, including the strongest view of corporate election, see the Conditional Election section of our FACTS article; on just corporate election, see also A Concise Summary of the Corporate View of Election and Predestination and the further resources listed there). Keeping this in mind should help one to benefit from Utley’s material as coming from an Arminian perspective.