Debate between Austin Fischer and Calvinist James White

, posted by SEA

Here is the audio from the debate between Austin Fischer, the author of Young, Restless and No Longer Reformed, and Calvinist apologist Dr. James White on Unbelievable Radio from February or March of 2014. For a review of the debate from an Arminian perspective, see David Martinez, “Great Conversation Between Austin Fischer and James White”. While Fischer seems to have done a good job, be sure to check out Martinez’s notes to avoid falling for some of White’s misleading rhetoric.

Description from Unbelievable Radio:

Austin Fischer embraced ‘New Calvinism’ as a teenager, after being influenced by its popular proponents. But he recently abandoned it when he found he was unable to worship God as truly just, good and loving.

Calvinist theologian James White (old, rested and still reformed) challenges Austin about his journey and his theology.