Will of God

Paul Copan, “Divine Exasperation”

, posted by SEA

Part of proper hermeneutics is not simply seeing what any individual passage means, but also looking for themes and styles of expression throughout the Bible and understanding what they mean for our relationship with God….

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What Do You Mean, “God is in Control?”

, posted by Casey L. Donnelly

I drove six hours home to Oklahoma a few days before my grandmother’s funeral. Her fight against cancer was over. I remember when my dad called me with the news. It did not come as…

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Purposeless Evil by Cheryl Schatz

Cheryl Schatz, “Purposeless Evil”

, posted by Cheryl Schatz

Is there purposeless evil if God did not foreordain all things? Calvinists often talk about “purposeless evil”. In fact, Dr. James White, a Calvinist apologist from Alpha and Omega Ministries, has stated that if God did…

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Degrees of Union with God’s Will

, posted by drwayman

There are different degrees of union with the Divine Will, some of which it may be proper to notice and discriminate. 1. Union With God in Submission The first degree may be described as union…

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