Arminius on TULIP (The five points of Calvinism)

, posted by AndrewH

[This post first appeared at gospelencounter.wordpress.com] Here are some quick, Scripture soaked quotes from James Arminius on each point of Calvinism’s TULIP (quotes from Declaration of Sentiments are from W. Stephen Gunter’s translation): Total depravity: yes.  Without Divine assistance…

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Addressing Calvinist Responses To 2 Peter 3:9

, posted by Evan Minton

One of the most popular passages stating God’s universal salvific will (i.e that God desires every human individual to be saved) is 2 Peter 3:9. 2 Peter 3:9 states that God “is not willing that any should perish,…

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Reformed Theology
by Adrian Rogers

, posted by Martin Glynn

Sometimes, those of us who are steeped in theological discussions become so accustomed to the precise language that we use that we forget how to speak to the every day Christian. Below is a sermon…

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