Open Theists’ Additions to Libertarian Free Will

, posted by Godismyjudge

Traditionally, Libertarians have guarded the definition of free will very closely. Libertarians don’t allow compatiblists to remove essential aspects from the concept of free will, like say, reducing ability to hypothetical ability. But while we…

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Jack Cottrell – Understanding God: God and Time

, posted by Kevin Jackson

An article by Arminian Theologian Jack Cottrell. Cottrell speculates about God’s relation to time, and the nature and extent of God’s foreknowledge. Is God timeless (outside of time)? Or does God experience time in some…

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Magic Hand-waving in the Calvinist Cause

, posted by SEA

I. Introduction This post responds to Calvinist scholar and assistant professor at Reformed Theological Seminary James Anderson’s latest rejoinder (“The Arminian Cause”) to me (specifically, to my last post: “Exposing Calvinist ‘Forgery’ in the Alleged…

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On Omnitemporality

, posted by geraldowens

One of the problems with attempting to discuss the issue of Foreknowledge as it relates to Free Will is that the term itself prejudices the discussion, bending it in a certain argumentative direction that the…

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