Video: Seven Minute Seminary: The Problem of Evil

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How do you reconcile the reality of pain and suffering in our world with the existence of a loving God? Dr. Michael Peterson, Professor of Philosophy of Religion at Asbury Theological Seminary, explains. This video…

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The Genius of Arminian Theodicy

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I do not accept what is known as a Greater-Good theodicy1 — that all sin and evil serve a purpose in the mind and plan of God, from which He will bring about a greater…

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Purposeless Evil by Cheryl Schatz

Cheryl Schatz, “Purposeless Evil”

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Is there purposeless evil if God did not foreordain all things? Calvinists often talk about “purposeless evil”. In fact, Dr. James White, a Calvinist apologist from Alpha and Omega Ministries, has stated that if God did…

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Book Review: Rowe — Can God be Free?

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William Rowe’s book asks the question: Can God be Free? First, he gives an interesting historical introduction to the subject, covering the views of Gottfried Leibniz, Samuel Clarke, Thomas Aquinas and Jonathan Edwards; meanwhile he…

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