Why I Am An Arminian
Part I: Testimony

, posted by Martin Glynn

Finding Scotia I grew up in a village called Scotia. When I was a child, all I really knew was my home, my school, and some sites from my car. I knew my home was…

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From Tozer to Piper to Arminius: A Theological Journey

, posted by jaswa

The following is a personal testimony of Josh Valdez originally posted here. ___________________________________________________________ Theological Discovery Like most, my teenage years were monumentally formative in my development.  High School provided the unique opportunity of digesting deep theological…

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Why I Became an Arminian

, posted by Kevin Jackson

This is a personal post that deals with my journey as an Arminian. I became a Christian at a young age. I remember going to a church service, being convicted of sin, and going down…

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