Arminianism Vs. Decisionism

, posted by jeremyo1610

Calvinism and Classical Arminianism are not opposite theological views (link). In fact, I like to say that they are theological first cousins, both residing under the “Reformed” umbrella. While there are certainly differences, both systems of…

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How Is Arminianism Different From Pelagianism?

, posted by Martin Glynn

Introduction When asked the difference between Arminianism and Pelagainism, I always have trouble knowing exactly where to start. It is a bit like being asked about the difference between Republicanism and Monarchy: the simple answer…

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The Making of a Classical Arminian

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The lovely picture to your right is a Dutch-Calvinist work naming Arminianism a five-headed, four-footed, part man, part beast, monster. The five-fold head of this monster represents the head of Avarice, Deceit, Riot (or Sedition),…

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A Classical Arminian Doctrine of Sin: Select Bibliography

, posted by B. P. Burnett

In recent times, Arminianism has been typically caricatured by the Reformed as a form of Semi-Pelagianism. Semi-Pelagians have an optimistic view of fallen human nature: Humans beings retain some moral or spiritual good in them, and they…

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Nathan Finn, “Is Synergism Necessarily Semi-Pelagian?”

, posted by SEA

Please click on the link to view Nathan Finn, “Is Synergism Necessarily Semi-Pelagian?”  Finn is a Calvinist who serves as Associate Professor of Historical Theology and Spiritual Formation at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, North…

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