Romans 9

Romans 9 in Context (John F. Parkinson)

, posted by Ben Henshaw

Click the link below to see John F. Parkinson’s solid and concise interpretation of Romans 9 from a non-Calvinist perspective. Please note that while Mr. Parkinson seems to approach Romans 11 from a pre-trib dispensational…

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Working Through Romans 9

, posted by SEA

Working Through Romans 9 written by SEA member, Roy Ingle No doubt Calvinists come to Romans 9 and they read into the text “unconditional election unto salvation” all through the text. One Calvinist brother stated…

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William Lane Craig on Romans 9

, posted by SEA

Here are some excellent comments on Romans 9 from Dr. William Lane Craig. (This is an excerpt from Dr. Craig’s answer to a question from an atheist, taken from

[L]et’s talk about Paul’s doctrine of election in Romans. I want to share with you a perspective on Paul’s teaching that I think you’ll find very illuminating and encouraging. Typically, as a result of Reformed theology, we have a tendency to read Paul as narrowing down the scope of God’s election to the very select few, and those not so chosen can’t complain if God in His sovereignty overlooks them. I think this is a fundamental misreading of the chapter which makes very little sense in the context of Paul’s letter.

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Origins: What comes from God vs. what comes from man

, posted by Richard Coords

Regarding origins…in other of whether something comes from God or from man, note what John Calvin said about the *origin* of Paul’s expression of emotion towards his fellow Jews at Romans 9:1-3: John Calvin comments:…

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Brian Abasciano’s Response to a Review of His Book on Romans 9:10-18

, posted by drwayman

Brian Abasciano’s response to a review of his book on Romans 9:10-18

by Roger E. Olson, PhD

I don’t normally do this at my blog, but friend Brian Abasciano of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, a leading evangelical Arminian, has written an important book on Romans 9-11 from an Arminian perspective. An early review appears to misrepresent some ideas of the book and Brian has asked me to post his response here. If you know someone who has read the review in question, please see that they read Brian’s response.

Here is the response:

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John F. Parkinson on Romans 9

, posted by Matthew Murphy

This interpretation of Romans 9 is taken from (non-Calvinist) John F. Parkinson’s book The Faith of God’s Elect, pages 21 through 28.</p align=”justify”> _____________________________ “The individual Jew had come to believe mistakenly that, since he…

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