John 6

New Calvinist Bible – John (satire)

, posted by kingswoodhart

The following post is a satire, written from the perspective of an overzealous Calvinist. This post is part of a series on the New Calvinist Bible (NCB) – a new Bible translation designed to show…

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Thoughts on John 6

, posted by Martin Glynn

Here are some thoughts that I had when I decided to dig deep into John chapter 6:

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The Honest Reading Canard: John 6:37-40

, posted by wrachele

Theological discussion in various venues often pits one position of belief against its opposites. Supporters of one position or another like to issue proposition statements of the form ‘If they would give _____ an honest…

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Friday Files: Benson on John 6

, posted by Godismyjudge

Benson’s comments on the ‘giving’ and ‘drawing’ in John 6 (Volume 4 pages 563-565) are reasonably simple. First, Benson notes the passage teaches man’s depravity; no man can believe in Christ to the saving of…

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