Responding to the Problem of Moral Evil

, posted by stridermtb

When the atheist asks– “If God exists how can he allow evils like rape, theft and murder to exist?”– it is critical to take note of the fact that the atheist is working off the…

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God Brings Good Out Of Suffering

, posted by Martin Glynn

This article is by Stacy Ross, who’s website is Rambling From Real Man’s Land   God is sovereign. As such everything that happens in our lives is within His control. His control over the circumstances…

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Accepting/Rejecting Calvinism
(Pt. 11: Molinism Defended)

, posted by jordanjapo

This is from a series of posts which was copied with permission from Jordan Apodaca’s blog, “Thoughts & Anti-Thoughts,” which can be accessed here: This particular post, which allows comments, can be accessed here:…

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