Prevenient Grace

Remonstrance Episode 66: Prevenient Grace (Part 1)

, posted by Remonstrance

If you cannot see the player above follow this link: Prevenient Grace (Part 1) In this episode we will begin to discuss the very important doctrine of Prevenient Grace. This doctrine separates Wesleyan-Arminian theology from…

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Kevin R.K. Davis, “Powerful Grace”

, posted by Martin Glynn

GRACE: GOD WILL GET HIS WAY In my dips in Calvinism, the word “grace” for me became a much more active, powerful force in the Kingdom of God. If it was inevitable, going to do…

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The God Who Seeks

, posted by drwayman

“Then the man and his wife heard the sound of the LORD God as He was walking in the garden in the cool of the day. . .” (Genesis 3:8, NIV)​“I revealed myself to those…

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Steve Witzki, “Free Grace or Forced Grace”

, posted by SEA

Steve Witzki, “Free Grace or Forced Grace,” The Arminian Magazine 19.1 (Spring 2001)   In his well known sermon “Free Grace,” John Wesley said that the “grace or love of God, whence cometh our salvation, is FREE…

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