Potter Metaphor

Accepting/Rejecting Calvinism
(Pt. 9: The Potter)

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This is from a series of posts which was copied with permission from Jordan Apodaca’s blog, “Thoughts & Anti-Thoughts,” which can be accessed here: https://jordanapodaca.wordpress.com/ This particular post, which allows comments, can be accessed here:…

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God, Pharaoh, and God’s Sovereignty in Romans 9

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In Udo Middelmann’s The Innocence of God, he grants us biblical evidence advocating the truth that God is innocent of the tragedies and evil experienced by and among fallen human beings. God has neither decreed…

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Romans 9: The Potter and the Clay

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Up to this point in this series on Romans 9, I have argued the following points: The passages dealing with election in Romans 9 must be interpreted in the context of Paul’s overall theme in…

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