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J.D. Walsh, “Wesley Vs. Whitefield”

, posted by SEA

Please click on the link to view J.D. Walsh, “Wesley Vs. Whitefield.” Please note that at one point the article says that the Wesleys denied predestination, but it is important to understand that they denied…

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God’s Sovereignty: Three Common Mistakes

, posted by drwayman

The following is a conversation that recently took place in my daughter’s middle school church group. The conversation does a good job highlighting three mistakes that we often make when we talk about the sovereignty…

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Video: “Why Do Most Christians Resist Calvinism?”

, posted by Martin Glynn

Soteriology 101 is a traditionalist, rather than Arminian, organization. They produce excellent material regarding Calvinism, and this video is no exception to that. It does an excellent job of countering certain arguments against free-will theism…

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Realism vs. Materialism (Science Uprising 01)

, posted by Steven Wolf

You can also view this video directly on YouTube at this link. We include this video on our site because it argues against materialism, which is typically thought to rule out free will. Thus, it…

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