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Calvin on Faith Preceding Regeneration

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Arminius, in his Dissertation on Romans 7, insists that faith in Christ precedes regeneration: “Besides, even true and living faith in Christ precedes regeneration strictly taken, and consisting of the mortification or death of the…

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Fred Sanders, “Salvation and the Mission of God”

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In this 2 part article, Wesleyan-Arminian scholar Dr. Fred Sanders talks about what Scripture says regarding the order of salvation and the atonement (part 1) and evangelism and cooperation in ministry (part 2). Please click on the…

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H. Orton Wiley on Prevenient Grace

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H. Orton Wiley on Prevenient Grace Extended quotation provided by SEA member Roy Ingle PREVENIENT GRACE Before taking up the discussion of prevenient grace, it may be well to call attention to the fact that…

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