Once saved always saved

The FACTS of Salvation
S: Security in Christ

, posted by Martin Glynn

Security in Christ (the S in FACTS) [Cf. Article 5 of the 5 Articles of the Remonstrance] At base, “Security in Christ” means that a person’s salvation is secure as long as he is in Christ,…

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Practical Problems With OSAS

, posted by Matthew Murphy

Note: It should be obvious from the content of the post, but the version of OSAS that I am arguing against in this post is what has been termed by some as the ‘Alpha View’….

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Steve Witzki, Early Christian Writers on Apostasy

, posted by SEA

In the attached article, Steve Witzki surveys the thought of the early church on the topic of apostasy, concluding: “It seems rather apparent that the Ante-Nicene Fathers believed that a Christian could sever their saving…

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Seeing Liberty in the Scriptures

, posted by royingle

I was reading the Works of Arminius today and Arminius’ statement on the perseverance of the saints. Battle lines have long been drawn on this issue with Calvinists holding to unconditional perseverance of the saints…

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