Responding to the Problem of Moral Evil

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When the atheist asks– “If God exists how can he allow evils like rape, theft and murder to exist?”– it is critical to take note of the fact that the atheist is working off the…

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Video: Seven Minute Seminary: The Problem of Evil

, posted by SEA

How do you reconcile the reality of pain and suffering in our world with the existence of a loving God? Dr. Michael Peterson, Professor of Philosophy of Religion at Asbury Theological Seminary, explains. This video…

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‘The Case for Inclusivism’: An Arminian Response

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I recently read a 2012 blog post written by Kevin Jackson over at Wesleyan Arminian on The Case for Inclusivism. This blog particularly interests me as a classical Arminian, as I am an Exclusivist, yet Kevin also believes, “All Arminians ought to reject…

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Do Arminians Really Pray Like Calvinists?

, posted by Ben Henshaw

It is often said by Calvinists that when Arminians pray, they pray like Calvinists. Typically this is expressed in such a way as to imply that while Arminians may deny the theological claims of Calvinism,…

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Discussing Divine Omnibenevolence

, posted by B. P. Burnett

DIVINE OMNIBENEVOLENCE: 1. Introduction; 2. Argument for Divine Omnibenevolence; 3. Defence of Premises (I): Divine Omnibenevolence; 4. Potential Challenges and Possible Responses; 5. Argument against Divine Omnibenevolence from Divine Malevolence; 6. Defence of Premises (II):…

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Gerald Owens, “Defining” God

, posted by geraldowens

How does one define God? For both Arminians and Calvinists, God is defined by how he saves. Calvinists emphasize God’s sovereignty by way of his power and right to save and damn, while Arminians emphasize…

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