Can God Love All People?

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Calvinist John Piper answers the question he himself frames and thus poses: “Why can’t God eternally love those who don’t believe in Him?” (link) Is there not at least one obvious and inherent flaw in…

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Grace: The Analogy of Sanctification

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We bless thee, O God most high and Lord of mercies, who ever workest great and mysterious deeds for us, glorious, wonderful, and numberless; who providest us with sleep as a rest from our infirmities…

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Nathan Finn, “Is Synergism Necessarily Semi-Pelagian?”

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Please click on the link to view Nathan Finn, “Is Synergism Necessarily Semi-Pelagian?”  Finn is a Calvinist who serves as Associate Professor of Historical Theology and Spiritual Formation at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, North…

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Mike Barlotta – 3 Characteristics of Predestination

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In “The Softer Face of Calvinism” (Christianity Today), it is argued that, rather than appealing to theologians to understand Reformed theology, one should use the Reformed confessions and creeds. The confessions, therefore, form an important…

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