John Calvin: Heresy Hunter with an Axe to Grind

, posted by stridermtb

“Does a fountain send forth at the same place both sweet and bitter water?” (James 3:11, KJV) Did you know that John Calvin staunchly believed that executing unrepentant heretics was justified? Did you know that…

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Calvinists Concerned about the Salvation of Arminians

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[Editor’s note: What is said in this post about Calvinists applies only to some Calvinists, not all.] Google-search “Are Arminians saved?” and you will discover how so very concerned Calvinists are regarding the possibility of…

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Roy Ingle, “Preaching Perseverance”

, posted by SEA

Is it wrong to preach on perseverance? This seems like a logical question to ask if you come from a Calvinist perspective. For many Calvinists, it would not be wrong to preach on perseverance and…

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About Heretics: Should They Be Persecuted?

, posted by Matthew Murphy

“Good sense makes one slow to anger, and it is his glory to overlook an offense.” (Prov. 19:11; ESV) “This is certain that the better a man knows the truth, the less is he inclined…

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What is Orthodox in One Mind is Heterodox to Most

, posted by A.M. Mallett

My recent discussions of heterodoxy vs. orthodoxy and the schisms inherent in any such discussion surfaced a common pattern I have observed among our Calvinist brethren. They seem to exhibit a narrow, almost myopic opinion…

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