Accepting/Rejecting Calvinism (Pt. 13: Calvinism, Church History, and Prevenient Grace)

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This is from a series of posts which was copied with permission from Jordan Apodaca’s blog, “Thoughts & Anti-Thoughts,” which can be accessed here: This particular post, which allows comments, can be accessed here:…

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Remonstrance Minisode 19: Free Grace

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If you cannot see the player above follow this link to the episode: Minisode 19  In this minisode we will be reading through a portion of John Wesley’s sermon, “Free Grace.” Here he defines “Free…

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Does an Arminian Understanding of Grace Lead to a More Missional Worldview?

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“What I’ve learned: a church’s dominant soteriology indelibly shapes its culture (the way people think about and do) for mission.”                                     –Dr David Fitch In his “Framework for Missional Christianity” series, influential missiologist Alan Hirsch writes (bold…

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