Does an Arminian Understanding of Grace Lead to a More Missional Worldview?

, posted by SEA

“What I’ve learned: a church’s dominant soteriology indelibly shapes its culture (the way people think about and do) for mission.”                                     –Dr David Fitch In his “Framework for Missional Christianity” series, influential missiologist Alan Hirsch writes (bold…

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Prevenient Grace: An Introduction

, posted by AndrewH

Understanding the doctrine of prevenient grace was one of the most valuable studies for me after leaving Calvinism.  It provided an answer to one of the simplest arguments I used to make for Calvinism: I…

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Easy Believism Versus True Salvation

, posted by jeremyo1610

Zacchaeus up in the tree, Paul’s conversion, the Philippian jailer. What do these stories have in common? In every case, it was God who took the first step towards man. As I’ve stated many times,…

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