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TULIP: All or Nothing

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Why must the whole TULIP be accepted and not picked apart as each person chooses or desires? Let John MacArthur answer our question. In the book, The Five Points of Calvinism: Defined, Defended, and Documented,…

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Why I Care about Calvinism

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[This post was taken from here at the Impefect Reflections blog, where comments can be posted.] A week or two ago, I mentioned a post I was working on to my friend James, about a…

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Tim Keller: Private Calvinist, Public Arminian

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[Editor’s note: SEA does not necessarily agree with any comments by the author of this post to the effect that Tim Keller, John Piper, or any particular Calvinists are intentionally misleading or disingenuous in their…

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Or “Van Til It Hurts”

What I Mean By Consistency

In the 1920s a Dutch Theologian by the name of Cornelius Van Til (hence the joke in the subtitle) revitalized an apologetic approach known as presuppositional apologetics. In essence, presuppositional apologetics assesses the validity of a philosophical view by its presuppositions (the underlying assumptions upon which the view is based) and whether these presuppositions contradict each other or are consistent with each other.* It is sort of like a monological Socratic argument.

Oh, and Van Til was a Calvinist.

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Calvinism and Consistency

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Admittedly, no systematic theology is perfect. That takes a load of pressure off of every sincere Bible student. Not one of us will ever have all of his or her doctrines correct. C. I. Scofield wrote that there will always exist a measure of false teaching in true, orthodox Christianity, due to our fallen nature and our design as finite creatures.

I was once convinced that Calvinism was right because people showed me a lot of proof texts to propagate this theology. I had read Chosen by God by R. C. Sproul and concluded that he, too, was correct. How could I have missed out on this teaching for so long? I will never forget what affect Sproul’s book had on my heart. How could God have chosen me and not others? Moreover, why would God have chosen me and not others?

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