Christian Philosopher Lydia McGrew on Calvinism

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This conversation took place in the comment section of one of Dr. Lydia McGrew’s posts at her blog Extra Thoughts: C. M. Granger said… Hi Lydia, why aren’t you a Calvinist? 11/26/2015 6:25 PM Lydia McGrew said……

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Purposeless Evil by Cheryl Schatz

Cheryl Schatz, “Purposeless Evil”

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Is there purposeless evil if God did not foreordain all things? Calvinists often talk about “purposeless evil”. In fact, Dr. James White, a Calvinist apologist from Alpha and Omega Ministries, has stated that if God did…

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Molinists and Ockhamists on the Loose

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[Editor’s note: This post comes from a Molinist perspective. SEA does not specifically advocate Molinism, but allows members to hold to either divine simple foreknowledge or Molinism.] This post is a response to Mark Linville’s…

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