A. J. Derxsen, “Breaking the Golden Chain”

, posted by Steven Wolf

BREAKING THE GOLDEN CHAIN I don’t find the infamous (from an Arminian standpoint) “Golden Chain” very threatening. (1) Calvinistic “irresistible” conversion of unsaved individuals is nowhere in view, for three reasons. a) It’s the already-converted…

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Romans 8:28-30 and Its Relevance to Romans 9

, posted by kingswoodhart

This is part of a series of posts on Romans. The main focus of this series will be chapters 9-11 of the letter. These chapters, particularly chapter 9, have been interpreted in various different ways….

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Jabez Burns, “Conversation on Predestination”

, posted by K.W. Leslie

This comes from Jabez Burns’s 1849 book Doctrinal Conversations. INQUIRER. “What are we to understand by the doctrine of predestination?” MINISTER. “It is the determination of God’s mind in reference to things to come.” INQUIRER….

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Arminius – Nine Theological Questions

, posted by drwayman

THE NINE QUESTIONS: NINE OPPOSITE QUESTIONS 1. Which is first, Election, or Faith Truly Foreseen, so that God elected his people according to faith foreseen? 1. Is the decree “for bestowing Faith on any one,”…

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