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Calvinism And The Fall: The Problem Ignored Again

, posted by SEA

Just saw this post called “Man’s Will: Before And After the Fall” which opens with these words: Augustine and the Calvinistic tradition in general define the will’s freedom, or lack thereof, in relation to sin….

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Arminius’ Impact on Calvinism

, posted by Godismyjudge

[Editor’s note: It appears that the author uses the term “sublapsarian” as equivalent to the term “infralapsarian.” many use this language in that way. But some use these terms to refer to different positions.] Arminius didn’t…

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Thomas Ralston on Freedom of the Will Part 4: God’s Divine Administration

, posted by Ben Henshaw

Thomas Ralston begins his appeal to Scripture with his third evidence for self-determinism in his Elements of Divinity. My comments are in bold print.

3. Our third evidence of man’s proper free agency is founded upon the divine administration toward him, as exhibited in the Holy Scriptures.

Here we shall perceive that revelation beautifully harmonizes with nature; and those clear and decisive evidences of our free agency, which, as we have seen, are derived from experience and observation, are abundantly confirmed by the book of God.

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