Vic Reasoner, “An Arminian Covenant Theology”

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Too many Arminians have pushed their tray through the theological cafeteria, accepting a helping of whatever sounded good. Before we accept all the popular theology of the celebrity teachers, we had better determine upon what…

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How Is Arminianism Different From Pelagianism?

, posted by Martin Glynn

Introduction When asked the difference between Arminianism and Pelagainism, I always have trouble knowing exactly where to start. It is a bit like being asked about the difference between Republicanism and Monarchy: the simple answer…

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Loraine Boettner’s Botched Church History

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The Church history of Loraine Boettner (1901-1990), as such intersects with Calvinism, is a world of fantastical claims not at all grounded in reality. From the Grace Online Library, Boettner is quoted as insisting, “It…

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