Divine Attributes

FWS Podcast: The Attributes of God

, posted by Remonstrance

In these episodes Dr. Vic Reasoner will discuss the Attributes of God. If you cannot see the player above follow this link: Part 1 If you cannot see the player above follow this link: Part…

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What Do You Mean, “God is in Control?”

, posted by Casey L. Donnelly

I drove six hours home to Oklahoma a few days before my grandmother’s funeral. Her fight against cancer was over. I remember when my dad called me with the news. It did not come as…

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Steve Sewell, “Why the Draw to Calvinism?”

, posted by Steve Sewell

I find it strange for a Christian to be drawn to Calvinism — an anomaly, really. I don’t believe that Calvinistic theology is in harmony with who we are as followers of Christ. Christians are…

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Vic Reasoner, “An Arminian Covenant Theology”

, posted by SEA

Too many Arminians have pushed their tray through the theological cafeteria, accepting a helping of whatever sounded good. Before we accept all the popular theology of the celebrity teachers, we had better determine upon what…

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God Is Not Impassive

, posted by drwayman

It is sometimes said of God, that, being infinite and perfect, he is beyond the reach of emotionality; in other words, is an “impassive” existence, a being without feeling. The truth seems to us to…

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