Bullets and Determinism

, posted by mackenzie

A Calvinist, attempting to explain an origin for sin that leaves God blameless, linked me John Piper’s “Where Did Satan’s First Desire For Evil Come From?“…a promising title, to be sure, since that’s a question Arminians…

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Can One Be Both a Calvinist and a Molinist?

, posted by drwayman

Can one be both a Calvinist and a Molinist? Many Reformed Christians have deemed this an impossibility, while some prominent Reformed philosophers like Alvin Plantinga and Del Ratzsch profess to be simultaneously Calvinists and Molinists….

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Life is like a …

, posted by g1antfan

On one of the Society of Evangelical Arminian (SEA) forums, we were exploring illustrations on how we might describe the world, specifically how can we describe the interactions between God’s sovereignty and man’s freedom and…

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Rich Davis, “Clary’s 10 Concerns”

, posted by SEA

In my “The ‘C’ in Calvinism?” (reproduced here), I set out three difficulties for Calvinistic choice. In his “Calvinism and Choice,” historical theologian Ian Clary lists ten points at which my thinking is in need…

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