Responding to the Problem of Moral Evil

, posted by stridermtb

When the atheist asks– “If God exists how can he allow evils like rape, theft and murder to exist?”– it is critical to take note of the fact that the atheist is working off the…

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Arminius – Nine Theological Questions

, posted by drwayman

THE NINE QUESTIONS: NINE OPPOSITE QUESTIONS 1. Which is first, Election, or Faith Truly Foreseen, so that God elected his people according to faith foreseen? 1. Is the decree “for bestowing Faith on any one,”…

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Michael Egnor, “More Than Material Minds”

, posted by SEA

As a Christian and a neuroscientist, I keep learning that to be human is to have a soul. Please click on the link to view Michael Egnor, “More Than Material Minds,” Christianity Today September 14, 2014.

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If I only had free will (parody)

, posted by g1antfan

I could make a decision not bound by decreed precision I’m certain to fulfill. Nor would I be a puppet, strings pulled like Jim Henson’s muppet if I only had free will I’d unravel just…

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5 Arguments For The Existence Of Free Will

, posted by Evan Minton

Free Will is a topic debated among Christians and even some non-Christians. The Christians who affirm that men have free will in the libertarian sense are Arminians, Molinists, and Open Theists. Christians who deny free…

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