Easy Believism Versus True Salvation

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Zacchaeus up in the tree, Paul’s conversion, the Philippian jailer. What do these stories have in common? In every case, it was God who took the first step towards man. As I’ve stated many times,…

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Fred Sanders, “Salvation and the Mission of God”

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In this 2 part article, Wesleyan-Arminian scholar Dr. Fred Sanders talks about what Scripture says regarding the order of salvation and the atonement (part 1) and evangelism and cooperation in ministry (part 2). Please click on the…

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The Awakening of God to Our Sins

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The Awakening of God to Our Sins written by SEA member, Roy Ingle Salvation is of the Lord. We affirm that but let us consider that truth played out in our lives. When I was…

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Why Does One Person Accept Christ, While Another Rejects Him?

, posted by Richard Coords

Why does one person accept Christ, while another rejects Him?

Notwithstanding God’s prevenient, enabling and intervening grace, free will is reasonably the cause of the aforementioned divergence, and which certainly requires greater explanation, and I believe that there is one. However, the first thing that Arminians point out is Adam and Eve, because the equation of total depravity no longer applies in their situation, and which begs the question: Why did they choose the way that they did? Arminians argue that God presented them with the opportunity to choose well, and by choosing well, to form good moral character. The same matter of free choice also applies to the angels as well, pre-Fall. No issues of depravity applies to their equation either. It is to this point that Calvinists, even such as R.C. Sproul, state the following:

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The Difference Maker

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Hodges’ Argument
Hodge argues that unless grace is resistible, the ultimate reason some believe and not others is found in us and not in God. Hodge says this would make believers better, more impressible or less obstinate than others.1

Problem Non-Unique

Personally, I find this one of the most powerful Calvinistic arguments. The idea that I can take credit for my salvation is intolerable, as is the idea that I am better than someone else. But the Calvinistic solution is no solution, and it creates more problems than it resolves.

Let’s take the argument that believers can take credit for their faith. But Calvinists also say that people believe. Therefore Calvinism entails that people can take credit for their faith.

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