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So What Is the Atonement Debate Really About?

, posted by Martin Glynn

All footnote links lead back to the original post.    In the Arminian/Calvinism debate, the most aggravating topic for me has been the Atonement debate. Calvinists will argue that Christ died only for the elect…

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Why I May or May Not Respond to Every Comment

, posted by Matthew Murphy

Originally posted on Arminian Theology. Any hitherto reference to “this site” is a reference to Arminian Theology. While this represents that site’s official policy, we felt it apt to recommend this policy to other bloggers. …

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The Arminian Conundrum

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John Owen, seventeenth-century Calvinist theologian who insists that Arminians are “tares in the field” of God’s kingdom, emissaries and mouthpieces of Satan, who “by their words, which are smoother than oil, [an individual can] taste…

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