A. J. Derxsen, “Breaking the Golden Chain”

, posted by Steven Wolf

BREAKING THE GOLDEN CHAIN I don’t find the infamous (from an Arminian standpoint) “Golden Chain” very threatening. (1) Calvinistic “irresistible” conversion of unsaved individuals is nowhere in view, for three reasons. a) It’s the already-converted…

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God, Predestination & Foreknowledge

, posted by jeremyo1610

I recently heard someone say that God is watching and waiting, to see what we are going to do and what choices we will make. This person went on to say that because God is…

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Many are Called But Few are Chosen

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The phrase, “for many are called but few are chosen,” is found at Matthew 22:14. A few translations, some quite surprisingly (Amplified, ISV, OJB), place the verse also at Matthew 20:16 (Amplified, Darby, Douay-Rheims, Geneva,…

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Two Wills in God?

, posted by SEA

The following comments (slightly edited) are taken from a SEA member while discussing the subject of the problem with the Calvinist “two wills” view and the suggestion that the Arminian position must likewise adopt essentially…

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