Uncle Buddy: The Bible Has Never Lied

, posted by drwayman

The Bible is the only Book I ever heard tell of that tells the truth on everybody who ever lived or who ever is living, or who ever will live. The Bible has never lied…

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Remonstrance Episode 35: Inerrancy (Part 1)

, posted by Remonstrance

If you cannot see the player above then follow this link: Episode 35 In this episode, we will be discussing the inerrancy of Scripture and what Arminius and Wesley wrote about this question. There is…

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Arminianism Overthrows Biblical Inerrancy?

, posted by Richard Coords

Calvinists have put out a DVD called “Amazing Grace,” which makes the following charge against Arminianism: One Calvinist explains: “Arminianism has real implications for the doctrine of Scripture. How can God superintend men’s words so…

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