Sin and Guilt in John 9

, posted by finney.raju

The story of the blind man in John 9 is a study in guilt. What makes us guilty, and what’s the relation between guilt and our ability to obey and believe God? Let’s do a…

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What Does it Mean to Be Wesleyan?

, posted by drwayman

When Jesus was asked what was God’s most important requirement of us, He said that it was to love God with one’s whole being. He added that loving other people in the same way as…

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Free Ebook: Arminianism FAQ by Roger E. Olson

, posted by AndrewH

In 2014, Seedbed Publishing (Asbury Theological Seminary) teamed up with Dr Roger E. Olson to turn his blog series “Arminianism FAQ” into a free 25 page ebook, which is now available in English and Portuguese….

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